About Us

About Us

The Journey Of Spirit Of India

The Journey Of “Spirit Of India” is very unique and inspired by the true essence of India – its people, its culture.  From walking the streets of rural India to suddenly entering a world class set up in urban India, there is something exceptional about India. The old and ultra-new co-exists remarkably well .

Numerous aspects make India Incredible. With its rich diversity of languages, cultural heritage, and traditions, India has something for everyone. We at Spirit Of India, took it upon us to share with you all the amazing Jewels of India. Our products represent the true spirit of India and are filled with warmth and love. 

Spirit of India is a multi-brand marketplace platform for handpicked, handcrafted & home-grown lifestyle brands from all over India for shoppers who have an enduring love for ” Make in India ” products.

Who Are We

Spirit Of India is India’s first unique marketplace exclusively for handpicked, handcrafted, home-grown lifestyle brands and their products.

Spirit Of India scouts for unique products that represents the true essence of India, developed by the most talented individuals and bring these amazing products from across different regions of India right to your door step. While it’s true that we in Spirit of India have a business to run, we also have a social responsibility to fulfill. We attempt to empower those who, with a little help, can rise above their current situation and do a lot better for themselves and their families.

Sprint of India helps the talented artisans and manufacturers bypass the middlemen and sell directly to you – our beloved consumer

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Our mission is to bring to you unique products – doesn’t matter wherever you are and whatever you dream of.

Why The Name “Spirit Of India”?

Spirit Of India – Your one-stop destination to relive the Indian spirit. It’s a feel, a sense of connection with the people, its culture which is deep routed in the amazing products that represents India.

SOI tells this story of incredible India through our carefully handpicked and homegrown lifestyle products.