Blue Art Pottery : Ceramic Incense Stick Holder (Multicolour)

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Material- Ceramic
Colour- Multi Coloured
Dimmension- 4.25 x 2.25 Inch
Package Included- 1 Incense Stick Holder
Care Instructions: This item is fragile Clean the surface regularly with soft dry cloth In case dust has accumulated over the surface, gently rub some ordinary oil with a soft cloth to restore the shine on the surface Keep away from reach of children Do not use sharp objects on the surface

Color shades, pattern and polish may vary slightly around the surface, since the painting is done free-style

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Blue pottery is a traditional craft hailing from the city of Jaipur. Blue pottery is made from ground feldspar mixed with gum or starch. It is locally known as kamchini and can be wielded by hand. Although handmade, blue pottery does not easily get cracked like other fragile pottery. Complementing all kinds of home décor, this unique craft flaunts an expensive, shiny look with an everlasting lustre

India has witnessed unnumbered artisans feeding their families by working in the handicraft industry. It takes a lot of dedication and expertise to create such artistic, premium pottery. Every pottery, lamp, and decorative item finished by them reflects splendour and grandeur. In modern times, blue pottery has successfully diversified into kitchenware, toiletry, vases, accessory holders and home décor products.100% Handmade :- Handmade by recognised Artisans from Jaipur ( Rajasthan).

Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. The name ‘blue pottery’ comes from the eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to color the pottery.

Method- Jaipur blue pottery, made out of a similar frit material to Egyptian faience, is glazed and low-fired. No clay is used: the ‘dough’ for the pottery is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water. Another source cites Katira Gond powder (a gum), and saaji (soda bicarbonate) as ingredients.


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