Tea – Kangra Orthodox Black Loose Leaf (First Flush)

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Specialty : ‎Natural
Weight : ‎200 Grams
Ingredient Type : ‎Vegetarian
Form : ‎Loose Leaves
Caffeine Content : ‎Low Caffeine
Allergen Information : ‎Dairy Free
Net Quantity : ‎200 gram
Product Dimensions : 24 x 17 x 7.5 cm
Ingredients : ‎Black tea leaves
Country of Origin : ‎India

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ORIGIN: 100% Natural black tea leaves; exclusive long leaf black tea rich in natural anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Hand plucked and produced in ancestral tea garden Wah Tea Estate in Palampur, the Himalayas

TASTE: A beautiful aroma of oakwood and a glowing amber colour, this tea is brisk and exciting, with an undertone of soft tartness which makes it a perfect pick-me-up beverage.

HEALTH: Suggested to lower blood sugar levels, reduce risk of stroke and lower blood pressure

FRESH: Our black tea leaves are hand plucked by tea pluckers who are experts at hand-selecting the most tender tea leaves for highest quality teas. Our tea is freshly packed within 1 day of plucking

ZERO CALORIES: As our teas are best had without milk and sugar, it contains no calories


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