Jute Hand Braid Table Placemat (Natural Golden)

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Color : ‎Natural Golden Jute
Primary material : ‎Jute
Capacity : ‎14 Inch
Number of Pieces : ‎4
Item Shape : ‎Round

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The Jute Fiber Comes From the Stem and Ribbon (Outer Skin) of the Jute Plant. The Fibers Are First Extracted by Retting. After the Retting Process, Stripping Begins. In the Stripping Process, Non – Fibrous Matter Is Scraped Off, Then the Workers Dig in and Grab the Fibers From Within the Jute Stem.The Natural Colour of Jute Varies From Off – White to Brown.

100% Natural Golden Jute
100% Bio-Degradeable
Easy washable
Heat Proof


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